South African client visiting Guangdong Shicai

On March 22, 2024, Mr. Riaan Coetzee, a client from Premier Rainwater Goods in South Africa, visited Guangdong Shicai New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. Our Vice President of Sales, Deng Yu, Executive Vice President Ye Zhenghe, and Foreign Trade Director, Mr. Deng Hongkun, had in-depth conversations with our clients, enabling them to have a deeper understanding of the development history, corporate culture, product information, and other aspects of Guangdong Shicai, paving the way for the development of cooperation between both parties.



Premier Rainwater Goods in South Africa mainly produces and sells light steel frame houses, a full range of rainwater products, as well as interior decoration and accessories.

Guangdong Shicai not only has outstanding performance in the domestic market, but also actively expands its international market. The senior management of the company led the client to visit the product application exhibition hall first, providing a detailed introduction to Guangdong Shicai's unique products such as real stone paint and liquid granite paint. They had in-depth communication and exchange on market demand, regional development trends, and future development directions.



Subsequently, the leader and his team visited the automated production workshop and technology innovation laboratory. During the visit, the customer showed strong interest in Guangdong Shicai's photovoltaic green function system, fully automatic dry powder mortar production line, and automatic sand batching system. They expressed appreciation and affirmation for the intelligent, safe, and customized characteristics of the equipment.



Finally, after this in-depth exchange, Riaan Coetzee expressed great pleasure in taking photos with each other and reached a preliminary consensus on cooperation with the company. He hopes to maintain long-term contact and work together in a friendly and cooperative manner!