The company's service tenet: to the production to management, to management to quality, to the quality of the market, all make customers satisfied

1. Before construction, our company will provide customers with all the information of related products and introduce the whole painting process and construction process of the product in detail.

2, During the construction, our company can send professional technical and construction personnel to assist or guide the construction side to the substrate swinging and acceptance, as well as the relevant technical guidance in the coating process.

3. No matter in the process of construction or completion of construction, whether within the warranty period, if there is any problem in the project, as long as Party A notifies us, we will provide human or technical help in the shortest time. In case of product quality problems, we will bear the corresponding responsibilities.

4, our company set up special special line, 24/7 open service hotline. The after-sales service personnel must be required to reply to customers within 24 hours after the customer reports the problem. If the after-sales service personnel cannot answer the problem in time due to the reasons of professional skills and knowledge, the relevant personnel must report to the more senior personnel or engineers, and notify the customer in the first time after the company has developed an effective solution.

5. The company arranges regional managers with certain professional skills to visit customers and develop business in major cities of all provinces in China. At the same time collect and listen to customers of the company's product evaluation and after-sales service needs to improve and perfect place.

6, set up a special department to record and deal with every customer's calls, letters or visits mentioned in the problem. Each quality information and service information as well as the problems in each individual work will be established corresponding files, and all the problems will be analyzed and summarized. Really do everything for customers, all responsible for customers.