SECCINO Waterproof Coating Product

NO.1 Product Introduction

    SECCINO waterproof coating is composed of acrylate lotion, cement and a variety of inorganic powder materials. The product can be divided into K11 waterproof slurry and JS-II waterproof coating according to different use functions;

NO.2 Product Characteristics

① High cost-effectiveness and good waterproof effect;

② Water-based materials, green and environmentally friendly;

③ Construction can be carried out on a damp (no exposed water) base surface with good adhesion to the base layer;

④ Excellent bonding strength and impermeability

NO.3Product Scope of Application

JS II waterproof coating has good flexibility and is suitable for waterproofing and moisture-proof of floors and walls in bathrooms, kitchens, balconies, etc. during the decoration of new houses;

K11 waterproof coating has good adhesion and is suitable for waterproofing and anti-seepage of kitchen and bathroom walls, water pools, etc.

NO.4 Waterproof construction

Five major steps for waterproofing in home decoration: ① base surface treatment; ② Strengthening waterproof measures at important nodes; ③ Large area painting; ④ Water testing acceptance; ⑤ Protective measures.


Toilet construction legend

NO.5 Construction precautions

① It is best to use up the stirred slurry as soon as possible within 60 minutes.

② When constructing in the waterproof area in the later stage, take protective measures for the waterproof layer.

③ It is strongly recommended to use ceramic tile adhesive for tiling on the waterproof layer.

④ If it accidentally splashes into the eyes during construction, it should be cleaned immediately.

⑤ The height of elastic waterproof wall brushing should be below 30mm, especially JS high elastic waterproof coating and polymer liquid membrane.