SECCINO Sound insulation coating products

  Why do we need sound insulation indoors? Mainly, real estate developers, contractors, and general contractors apply sound insulation coatings on the indoor floor and wall surfaces of real estate properties to meet the acceptance requirements of the "Green Building Evaluation Standards" GB/T50378-2019 and GB/T50118-2010 Code for Sound Insulation Design of Civil Buildings, so that residents can live in quiet and comfortable houses. The emergence of SECCINO floor soundproofing coating has quietly refreshed our lives.


  Paint is one of the main building materials for home decoration. Choosing the right paint can create a qualified living environment and decoration effect. Based on the principles and characteristics of sound propagation, the formula design of SECCINO floor soundproofing coating fully utilizes the principles of sound absorption and insulation, and optimizes the formula using advanced experimental methods and testing methods to prepare high-performance floor soundproofing coatings.


NO.1 Product Introduction

  The "SECCINO" brand floor soundproofing coating uses imported functional raw materials and has sound insulation, damping, and shock absorption performance; The principle of reflection and absorption conversion is used to achieve sound insulation effect. The product is water-based, environmentally friendly, with strong adhesion, and strong adaptability to the substrate. It can be directly applied to the surface of the substrate without special treatment.


NO.2 Scope of use

  SECCINO floor soundproofing coating can be used for the indoor floor and wall surfaces of real estate buildings, reducing floor impact sound and playing a sound insulation and shock absorption role.


NO.3 Performance advantages

① Water based environmental protection, easy to construct, can be sprayed or batch coated;
② Relatively thin, usually 3-8mm in total thickness, energy-saving and space saving, greatly superior to other soundproofing coatings;
③ Sound absorption and noise reduction, pollution-free, providing good protection for buildings;
④ Good adhesion, strong adaptability to substrate, no cracking;
⑤Comply with GB/T50118-2010 Code for Sound Insulation Design of Civil Buildings。


NO.4 Instructions


①.Construction method: batch coating, scraping coating, spraying;
② Mix thoroughly and evenly before use, then proceed with construction;
③ Construction temperature: The environment and base temperature shall not be lower than 5 ℃, and the relative humidity shall be less than 80%;
④ Construction process: Clean the floating dust on the floor or wall surface, shovel away surface particles and loose impurities. The substrate should be free of oil, grease, and wax. For strong water absorbing substrates, appropriate watering can be done first. After the surface is dry and clean, spraying can be carried out;

⑤Construction consumption: 1.3-1.5kg/㎡/mm thick。



NO.5 Storage and transportation

 Avoid direct outdoor exposure and place it in a well ventilated and dry place in the warehouse. The temperature should be maintained between 5 and 35 ℃. If the temperature is too high, cooling measures should be taken.


NO.6 Professional recognition

①Received green building material product certification: obtained China Green Product Certification (three star level)

② Received Honorary Certificate: Guangdong Shicai New Material Technology Co., Ltd. participated in the preparation of the group standard "Technical Specification for Building Sound Insulation Coatings" (T/GDTL018-2023) of the Guangdong Coatings Industry Association in 2022;


NO.7 Typical project