Guangdong Shicai held October fun activity competition

On the evening of October 27, 2022, Guangdong Shicai New Material Technology Co., Ltd. held the October Fun Activity competition. The Shicai Industrial Park was surrounded by laughter and shouts of cheering, showing the boundless vitality of Shicai people.


At 18:20 in the evening, the paintmakers were assembled

Complete the formation




Warm up and stretch

Full participation


Zone small game, peach blossom blossoming

Wonderful and exciting

The game is officially on!



The first level of the game

Use chopsticks to transport ping-pong balls

The first leg is carried by one person

The second leg of the two-person transport

The paintmakers are fast, steady, and united

Each group vastly exceeded the judges' expectations

Payer! Excellent!


Come to the second level of the game

Tandem rope

The two men jumped high

To the cheers of the cheerleaders

The second level was also passed easily

Payer, stand up!



Successfully entered the third level

Turn the elephant's trunk 10 times

And successfully "pop" open the cap

There is nothing but laughter at this pass

More is deep care

Because after 10 turns

A lot of the players were confused

Shi CAI family have to protect around

For fear of a fall

Shi CAI is a big loving family!


Finally, the game came to the final level

Back to back shot

This level is a great test of luck and skill

The players made great moves

Earned the screams and shouts of the stadium




This game is very exciting

So the two teams went to the play-off

As the ancient saying goes: no first, no second

Finally, the office team won the play-off

Who won the event

First place!

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