Guangdong Shicai Health Management Training: "The Hazards of Excessive Drinking"

March 21, 2023, is the spring equinox. During the 15 days when spring is at its peak, the balance of yin and yang is most suitable for adjusting the body. Following the health themes of "The Hazards of Gambling" and "The Hazards of Smoking", the Guangdong Shicai Training Team today launched its third health training session, "The Hazards of Excessive Drinking".


To understand the dangers of alcohol abuse, first of all, we started with an understanding of "alcohol". Together, we learned about the origin and development of alcohol, the dangers of alcohol abuse, how to control excessive alcohol consumption, what symptoms appear in the body that prevent alcohol consumption, what are the taboos for alcohol consumption, what should be paid attention to when drinking, methods for detoxifying and abstaining from alcohol, and the benefits of drinking lightly. Let everyone have a further understanding of alcohol knowledge and healthy drinking.



The harm of excessive drinking is very obvious and serious. In addition to damaging physical health, it can also affect social life, work, and family relationships. Excessive drinking can lead to various diseases such as liver disease, hypertension, heart disease, and increase the risk of cancer. It can also affect memory, thinking ability, and mental health.



Alcoholics are also more prone to accidents when driving. For families, excessive drinking can have a negative impact on intimate relationships, leading to disputes and violent behavior. Therefore, we need to take the issue of alcohol abuse seriously and popularize the dangers of alcohol to the public through the promotion of relevant training courses and promotional activities. In these training courses, we learned how to identify and respond to alcohol abuse, and how to seek help and support. At the same time, we should also observe and take care of the people around us, and share the risks and hazards of alcoholic food with them. Only by raising public awareness can we better prevent and treat alcoholism.



Wishing you health, family happiness, and peace!